MetLife Drops mLife Lawsuit

from the damn dept

It seems that MetLife decided to drop their lawsuit against AT&T Wireless for their new advertising campaign, mLife. The two companies plan to meet next week and hash out some of the issues. Of course, if things go badly, the lawsuit could certainly come back. On a somewhat related note, yesterday (Sunday) Techdirt got hit with about 4 times its normal Sunday traffic – most of which came during the Superbowl. As far as I can tell, Google had Techdirt listed quite high up when people did a search for mLife – and plenty of people did searches for mLife.

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Comments on “MetLife Drops mLife Lawsuit”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Alphabet already proprietary

“Last time we checked, everyone is still free to use the thirteenth letter of the alphabet,” AT&T Wireless said in a statement.
Well, the 18th letter is already well protected by Toys ‘R Us, so I don’t see why ‘M’ should be any different.
I’m sure there are more – you get the point.

Joe Schmoe says:

No Subject Given

Seems from time to time that outfits sue, or incite a lawsuit, for the sake of attention (for the benefit of unpaid advertising).
Conan O’Brain / Sock Puppet brawl for example. No foundation. Looked like a last ditch attempt on account to legitimize themselves and draw attention…
Perhaps MetLife is taking the high road and allowing mLife to die an annonymous death…

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