Your Phone Company Owes You Money

from the phone-bill-as-column-idea dept

David Coursey must be struggling for column topics these days. His latest seems to have been written by thumbing through his latest phone bill and trying to figure out what it all means. Then, picking up random charges that he doesn’t understand and deciding that they’re obviously unfair. Now, I’m sure that there are plenty of cases where phone companies are getting away with bogus charges, but just because you don’t understand what a charge is, doesn’t mean that it’s not right.

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Comments on “Your Phone Company Owes You Money”

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1 Comment
Brian Weaver (user link) says:

Your Phone Company Owes You Money

Indeed, simply entering the terms with which David Coursey had trouble would have gotten him answers to his questions from Google on the first try. The only question is, are these charges warrented? A degree in telecommunications law might be handy in attempting to decipher some bills. I question a bill from any one that alludes to obscure and not generally well known charge catagories. For instance the “GPF Intromanded Section Charges (GISC)” for $.16 on a bill has everyone scratching their collective heads until you realize I just made that up. If it was on your bill would you pay it if you didn’t know it was bogus? Who at the Telco would you call to ask? When was the last time you traveled the voice menu hell of your local fone co and actually got an answer to a question?

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