Dot Columnists Keep Things Going On Their Own

from the must-keep-writing dept

With all of those tech magazines (that you couldn’t tell apart anyway) going out of business, some of their former columnists just can’t let go. They’re keeping their columns going as independent entities. We already wrote about the Media Grok crew (from the Industry Standard) coming back as Media Unspun. There’s also Rafe Needleman, who’s bringing back his Red Herring column, Catch of the Day, as a separate entity. It’s interesting to see how the different columnists have set up their new “businesses”. Some, like Media Unspun, are trying to charge for subscriptions. Catch of the Day separated from Red Herring on as amicable a basis as possible – so that Rafe got to keep the name, and some Red Herring advertising (but not, it seems, the mailing list). I wonder if, as the economy picks up, some of these columns will get picked up by other magazines.

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