The Rise And Fall Of

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I remember reading about when it launched and thinking “uh oh”. There was way too much hype for what really was yet another weblog sort of thing. Sure it had some “big” names behind it, but they were the types of big names who thought their own names were a lot bigger than most other people thought their names were. And, as always, I get nervous when any venture launch involves focusing on the “who” and not the “what”. I visited it for a couple of weeks and then gave up. It wasn’t that interesting or that insightful – and always seemed a step slower than other, smaller, sites. I haven’t visited it since. I had thought it was shut down when Automatic Media shut down that Plastic would just go away, but it turns out that Carl Steadman (who I actually usually do find interesting and insightful) ended up buying it. Online Journalism Review has the story of the rise and fall of, which I think is a bit misleading – because it assumes that it really rose. I remember hearing all the hype about it when it launched, but never has anyone suggested to me that Plastic was a “must read”.

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Comments on “The Rise And Fall Of”

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Jonathan Grant says:

Re: TechDicks

..sorry Joey, but techdirt kicks Plastic’s ass.’re right about one thing though: Suck does indeed rock. but Plastic is no Suck now, is it? let’s see: take the smarmy hipster attitude of Suck, add an unhealthy dose of irrational liberalism, subtract insightful commentary, and devide by an enormous audience of overeducated fanboy nitwits. take this mess and hammer it into Slash code. congratulations, you’ve got Plastic. woo-hoo, now i can spend hours constructing a political argument so irrelevent white 20-somethings can vote me up or down! *sigh*, to think the crew that mercilisly mocked the stupidity of Slashdot went on the recreate it.

..techdirt, on the other hand, consistently informs, amuses, and interests me. plus, they spend alot of time mocking the stupid for my amusement. remember when you used to do that Joey, instead of providing a forum for them?

Anonymous Coward says:

I love Techdirt

Techdirt often makes me chuckle. But this is insightful stuff too –

Online Journalism Review has the story of the rise and fall of, which I think is a bit misleading – because it assumes that it really rose.

Nice zing on OJR for hyping the dot-com, even in death. I had never even heard of, despite closely following the boom press, and reading a dozen different weblogs and news sites.

Ed says:

Soft Landing?

How about an actual comment on the story instead of a Techdirt/Plastic pissing match:

I read Plastic sometimes, and other than not having a cross-linking agreement with some other dot-bomb on every page, the content doesn’t seem any different than before their so-called fall. Perhaps there’s a lesson in there somewhere.

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