Smart Homes For Everyone

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For years people have been talking about the idea of a “smart home” that will let you control everything from outside. There have been trials here and there, and even housing communities that were built around the idea. However, it has yet to really catch on beyond the really obsessive home automation folks who set it up themselves. Now, the Internet Home Alliance (a bunch of companies that really want to sell you more stuff) are running a smart home trial in Detroit. They’ll wire up your home (and your car) so that you’ll be able to control anything from anywhere. The whole thing (of course) will run over the internet, so it will only be a matter of time before the script kiddies out there are turning your thermostat up to 90 and locking your door immediately every time you unlock. What does a house do when it gets a DOS attack? I guess we’ll soon find out.

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Comments on “Smart Homes For Everyone”

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1 Comment
todd says:


The homeowners will also have cars equipped with voice recognition technology, allowing them to connect to their houses on the move.

“They will be able to start a dialogue with the house,” Mr Devlin told BBC News Online.

OK, but I’m not sure I want to talk to my house from my car. I do know that on some very cold mornings, I’d like to call my car from the house and have it start up, but in my neighborhood, that would leave me minus a car.

This article appeared to be full of people who’ve got too much time on their hands and hang around drink the same kool aid…

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