Robot Phone Screams Callers Name

from the ugh.--novelty-phones dept

Yes, this is exactly what we don’t need. Some company is getting ready to come out with a mobile phone with a robot head that among other annoying features will scream out the name of whoever is calling. Won’t that be fun? It also is supposed to recognize when its owner enters the room and does a little dance. Not quite sure how it knows that. If these things start becoming popular, I predict more cases of anti-mobile phone rage occurring by non-owners of the phone ripping them out of the hands of owners and smashing them to pieces.

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Comments on “Robot Phone Screams Callers Name”

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1 Comment
whit says:

Ananova's Fact Checking...

This could be true, but I’d want confirmation: I haven’t trusted Ananova as a news source since they posted this little item.

You see, I created the Alien Abductions Incorporated site as a joke, back in ’97 or ’98. Even the most credulous of news outlets (like USAToday, for example) got the joke and reported it as such. Late in 2000, the story referenced above started making the rounds of alien geek news outlets again, and Ananova apparently just picked it up, accepting it at face value…

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