Home Theater Obsession

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Like many guys my age, I’m somewhat obsessed with the idea of a home theater system. It’s definitely on the backburner, as I know once I started I’d want to spend way more money than I have, but apparently, it’s becoming an obsession with more and more guys. And, yes, it’s almost entirely guys. The NY Times has an article about how home theater systems are becoming the guy’s tinkering technology of choice these days. You can certainly put together a poor man’s home theater system without too much trouble if you’re willing to hunt stuff down. I’ve heard of all sorts of cheap deals that people find online buying used or demo equipment.

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Comments on “Home Theater Obsession”

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1 Comment
msykes says:


Okay, I have to brag here… since I’ve assembled a budget home theatre system that is actually pretty nice.

TV: 27″ TV that was given to me by friends (they upgraded to 32″ Sony Wega XBR) (0$)

Receiver: Sony prologic, 99$ at Hifi.com. It doesn’t do true digital surround itself, but it has analog 5.1 inputs for DVD players that do

DVD: Sony NS400D, comes with onboard decoding so works well with the receiver (220$)

Subwoofer: 10″ passive dual voice coil box that I built myself, mated to a 40W receiver a friend of mine donated, able to use both channels of the receiver by splitting the receiver’s mono output to stereo using a splitter (0$)

Front Speakers: A nice pair of old Infinity bookshelf speakers, 20$ used

Center Channel: Boston Acoustics, used 30$

Rear: Cheapos that I stole from my roomate

Total Cost: 370$

Ha! Sure I’m not shattering any windows with my bass, and it’s not a plasma TV, but it’s a pretty nice system considering how much it all costs.


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