Software Can Tell If You're Lying On Your Resume

from the they're-not-lies...-they're-just-creative-writing dept

A new piece of software claims that it can work as a lie detector for written text. They say that it can analyze writing to statistically tell when the style has changed in a way that suggests the person is lying. So, that little tidbit on your resume about how you helped “efficiently scheduled logistics of gourmet delectables” will now clearly be labeled as “worked behind the fast food counter”.

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Comments on “Software Can Tell If You're Lying On Your Resume”

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Brian Weaver (user link) says:

Software Can Tell If You're Lying On Your Resume

Hmmm wonder what we’d find if we ran this on most statements by politicians, and PR? I’d like to run this software on employment adds by the companies that advertise for techs. “Exciting opportunities for advancement” means “Rise to a new postion in our Klingon style managment system by assination.”

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