Handspring Backpedals

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It’s fun to watch companies backpedal. The latest is from Handspring who obviously didn’t expect the level of anger pointed in their direction after they mentioned offhand that they saw the Treo as their future, and were moving away from things like the Visor devices. Developers for the Visor flipped out, and Handspring was forced to send out a letter explaining they didn’t really mean what they said, and they had no plans (really!) to phase out the Visor any time soon. This is all pretty silly. It obviously makes sense for Handspring to focus on wirelessly connected organizers, rather than just regular organizers. The main issue here is simply the (remember when it was oh-so-innovative?) Springboard module that lets people add on additional features. The smart thing, of course, would be for Handspring to look at ways to add the Springboard feature to the Treo – if it can be done in a reasonable way.

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