The 15 Minute Competitive Advantage

from the how-to-stay-just-a-bit-ahead dept

First mover advantage may actually be a bit more art than pure blazing speed. As this Business 2.0 article suggests, the real trick is staying just a bit ahead of your competitors. If you’re too far ahead, no one has the slightest idea what you do, and you end up going out of business anyway. However, if you can stay just a bit ahead – and can show definite value and why you definitely are better than the competition, then you’re in good shape. The article then lists some of the factors that are often found in such product offerings. It’s a good list. While many might sound obvious, these are the types of things that plenty of companies seem to forget about. If you ever want to sell a technology product to a company, it wouldn’t hurt to read this short article.

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