Is Abandonware Piracy?

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A Wired News article looking at the popularity of abandonware sites. These are websites that offer downloads of old software that is no longer sold anywhere. It’s not hard to figure out where the legal questions start to come up, but the supporters of abandonware say they’re obviously not pirating anything. Since no company is even selling the product, they’re certainly not taking any money away from a company. However, companies that have plans to rerelease certain programs (mostly games) don’t always see things that way.

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Comments on “Is Abandonware Piracy?”

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msykes says:

Seems like a good thing

This seems like something that companies could turn into a good thing. If nobody is selling the game (or whatever) I think it makes sense to allow it to be downloaded. Then companies could actually use these sites to gauge interest in their old software… and rerelease the most popular items. When they commit to rerelease they could then ask the sites to remove those downloads, since it would then be piracy.

Wishful thinking naturally.’


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