Idealab Being Sued By Investors

from the give-us-our-money-back dept

Back in December we posted an article about furious investors trying to force Bill Gross to liquidate Idealab. Apparently those conversations haven’t gone well, because now they’re going to court to force the liquidation. They claim the company isn’t actually doing anything right now, other than supporting Gross’s “sumptuous” lifestyle, and that of his his fiancee, Idealab President Marcia Goodstein. Bill Gross responded by calling the investors crybabies. It’s nice to see how professional everyone is keeping this. Of course, I don’t have much sympathy for the investors who clearly invested in Idealab simply because of the hype, without even the tiniest look into what was really going. If you somehow missed it all, Idealab became famous for “incubating” (mostly) me-too internet companies with easy to remember domain names. Most are now gone.

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