Do Videogames Cause Violence?

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SF Gate has one of the more balanced articles talking about whether or not violent video games lead to real life violence. It quotes a number of gamers who point out what a silly concept that is, though some express concern. It also includes some talk of how things are in Japan – where the games are often more violent, and yet no one ever blames the video games when a real-life violent act occurs (as opposed to here in the US, where it seems to be the first thing the media blames when a kid gets violent). It seems pretty clear that anyone who thinks it’s okay to hurt someone just because they did it in a video game has such a strenuous grasp of reality, that just about anything else could have pushed them over the edge as well.

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Comments on “Do Videogames Cause Violence?”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Japan still understands self resposibility

I think the reason for blaming violence on video games, etc. in the States comes from the fact that we have completely forgotten the concept of self responsibility. Nothing is ever our fault anymore – there is always some other entity to blame. We have chosen to no longer live with the consequences of our own actions – we choose instead to sue anyone nearby with sufficiently deep pockets.

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