Time's iMac Screwup

from the quite-the-kerfuffle dept

A NY Times article all about the (previously discussed) question of whether or not Time Magazine bent to the will of Apple in delaying the publishing of their iMac story from the usual Sunday night delivery to Monday afternoon. They quote the Canadian bureau chief (who accidentally published the story early) as saying “there was some kerfuffle about it”. The article also questions Time’s editorial policy in publishing what reads more like a marketing spiel for the iMac alongside a link to “buy the iMac” (which was also later taken down). It does seem to question the integrity of Time a bit that they did all these things that seemed designed specifically to promote the iMac – and not have any journalistic purpose. I understand why it was done, but I don’t think it looks very good for Time if they want to be considered a serious magazine (which, perhaps, they don’t care about) instead of a fluffy magazine that will print whatever their advertisers want them to print.

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