Power Napping Device

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I was just having a conversation this weekend about the importance of “power naps” and how I thought that many companies should allow employees to take a 20 – 30 minute nap at some point during the day to refresh themselves, and make them more alert and productive for the times they’re awake. Now, a company is making a power napping device which is a Handspring module. Apparently, you plug the thing into your Handspring, and put your thumb on the sensor. The system then sets off an alarm when it senses you going into deep sleep. Personally, I find the wristwatch with the countdown timer set permanently to 25 minutes does the trick for me when I want to take a power nap. Plus, it’s a lot cheaper than the $100 device, and I don’t have to sleep next to a Handspring with my thumb tied to it.

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Comments on “Power Napping Device”

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Clous says:


Power naps are proven psychologically. REM activity calls for an afternoon nap around 2:30p. Power naps are one thing but why not real naps? I have always liked the siesta model, and lived in Spain to experience it. Why not adopt it company-wide? A 1/2 workday from ~7a-Noon, and then the second 1/2 from ~5p-9p. In Spain and Italy its not uncommon to have dinner at 10p (light dinner that is). Lunch is the heavy meal. Besides the the good health that sleep provides, family life improves as well, as many see their families at lunch. Overall productivity increases.

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