Encouraging Innovation

from the fight-your-boss dept

An interesting excerpt from the Harvard Business Review about ways to encourage innovation and creativity in the workplace. A lot of it centers around ways for people to disobey their boss. The article talks about people who didn’t abandon projects that their superiors told them to ditch. The best suggestion I saw in the article was encouraging employees to spend 10 to 15% of their time working on pet projects, just for the hell of it. This lets them be more creative, more involved in their work, and just might turn up something cool. Combined with my power napping suggestion from earlier today, and I think you could create quite the enjoyable workplace. The article also points out that many “great” innovators didn’t have a greater rate of success – but they just were working on so many more ideas, that more of them turned out to be successful in absolute terms (so they also had many more failures). Interesting stuff.

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