The Google Effect

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Dan Gillmor’s latest column suggests that one of the reasons that fewer people are renewing their domain registrations is that it’s not as important as it used to be to have a clear, short, easy to remember domain. This is, he claims, because it’s so easy to find what you want using Google. So, why bother having an easy to remember domain, if a quick Googling will find what you want anyway? I’m not sure about this. Adding the need for a Googling means that you’ve added an extra step, and in general you want to remove steps – not add them. However, I do know that when I’m looking for a company website that doesn’t show up on the first intuitive guess, I immediatley go running home to Google to do a search. So, maybe he’s on to something – but I still think that a good, short, easy to remember name is a better idea. I’m not convinced that everyone goes rushing to Google.

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Comments on “The Google Effect”

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msykes says:

Re: No Subject Given

Hmmm, I agree google is wonderful, but causing people not to renew domains? Does this mean they are all using Seems sort of ugly to me. I think it’s probably just that most people now realize they have 0 need for a domain or webpage at all. Or that their secret internet project with 2 other Mikes is just not going anywhere, or that they got tired of squatting on a domain waiting for a buyer. I mean you’re insane to let a domain go if you are actually using it for an active website.

It’s only 35$ a year after all…


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