Building Electronic Borders

from the what-to-do-about-nation-states dept

This has been discussed before, but this is a good summary article looking at a lot of the issues raised by electronic borders. With different laws in different countries, how do you police something universal, like the internet. Many companies are trying to come up with products that identify where you’re coming from, and then won’t allow you to visit certain sites that might be illegal in that country. Of course, these systems don’t work all that well, and there are always ways around them. However, many people point out that they don’t have to work that well to be basically effective. Personally, I think most of these efforts are a waste of time. All the various governments are doing is spending an awful lot of time and money to keep their populations less well informed. The people who they really don’t want to get the info will figure out a way around it any way. So, all that time and money goes to waste.

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