The Internet Is Shrinking! The Internet Is Shrinking!

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The amazing shrinking internet. The latest Netcraft survey says that for only the second time ever, the number of websites on the internet has dropped slightly from one month to the next. The reasoning is that in late 1999, at the height of the internet bubble, many cybersquatters and domain speculators picked up various domains for two year registrations. Now, they’re realizing those domains are worthless, so they let the registrations lapse. This suggests that the internet may continue to shrink ever so slightly as more of these registrations go unrenewed.

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Comments on “The Internet Is Shrinking! The Internet Is Shrinking!”

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1 Comment
Arthur says:

No Subject Given

From the article:

The only other time that Netcraft has seen a drop in the number of sites was in August 2000.

That drop was the result of some organisations going bust, others swapping software and the effects of the Code Red virus.

I’m pretty sure that the Code Red virus had nothing to do with that event of August 2000. Wasn’t Code Red first seen around July, 2001?


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