The Register's Death Exaggerated

from the they're-baaaack dept

Okay, so while many others picked up on this story as well, it appears that rumors of the Register’s death were somewhat exaggerated. They appear to be back online and publishing new stories (if extremely few, but I’d guess that’s a function of the holiday season). Their whois entry has also been updated from yesterday’s “Detagged” designation. It seems that it may have just been a poorly executed switch between hosting providers… Update: The Register has finally posted a story of what happened. It appears that their host, PSINet Europe had an “administrative error” which resulted in the detagging.

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Comments on “The Register's Death Exaggerated”

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1 Comment
Anonymous Coward says:

DNS is a critical subsystem; manage it securely

You know… The Register should have anticipated something like this. The transition was:

Epoch -> Net-Line

And all it takes is a simple google search to discover that Epoch and PSI are “partners”. What did they think was going to happen when they migrated their high traffic site away from PSI’s business partner? Like managing DNS is were the money is at… I’m sure PSI was quite pissed at losing overseas bandwidth settlement traffic.

You know, for less than what they probably pay PSI to manage their DNS issues, The Register could open an OpenSRS account and manage DNS servers that get lodged in root servers. This, of course assumes that they actually know how to manage DNS (or have the management ability to contract to multiple DNS management services).

Looks like The Register bit “The Hand That Feeds IT”s ass. Of course I wouldn’t expect anything more from a group of mostly crass, sensationalist, .com pseudo-“journalists”.

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