The Late Bird Gets The Worm

from the first-to-market-is-for-losers dept

A NY Times article about how late-to-market portal has now taken over’s portal and is managing it with just 8 extra employees, and at 1/10 the technology costs that Excite had. While I’ve never been a big fan of iWon, they have apparently done quite well for themselves, while staying relatively small and building a profitable business.

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Comments on “The Late Bird Gets The Worm”

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bablling_brooke says:

No Subject Given

i doubt theyve dont anything for themselves. it is hilarious to see these people and the media patting themselves on the back. what on earth have they done? they are given a feture story for having a slow burn rate? What a joke.

They say they have turned a profit. First, With pro forma, etc I don’t believe anything corporations say anymore. Also, Does that prift include the guaranteed advertising deal with CBS? If so, they are reporting profits that are really just their initial VC being wrapped in a differnt costume. Amazing.

They started with 300 MILLION in VC. An SUV with a larger gas tank runs out of gas later. Doesnt negate the fact that it is a gas guzzler.

bablling_brooke says:

No Subject Given

> IWon, by contrast, was lucky to be late. It did not go public ……….

huh? Are they glad they didn’t go public? As if that saved them? Does going public drive a company into the ground?? Am I actually reading this, or am I dreaming?

Joe won the lottery and then overdosed on crack.
Thank god I didn’t win the lottery!

PS: Sorry for my gruesome spelling in my first post, I am in a hurry.

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