Wireless Service To Keep Your Resolutions

from the just-trying-to-be-helpful dept

Who said there are no useful wireless services out there? Here’s one that will help you keep your goals and resolutions by reminding you via your wireless device. You can set reminders or a “task list” to accomplish what you want and it will send little reminders (you can even select some “preset” task lists for common goals). They expect people to pay $10 a month for this. I’m sure some people will pay, but it sounds like a sucker deal to me. I have nothing against people trying to change certain habits (in fact, I encourage it), but paying a service to remind you stinks of passing off the blame. Half the reason people have trouble changing behavior they don’t like is because they don’t take responsibility for their actions. Perhaps professionally trained psychologists (including those who read Techdirt – you know who you are) will disagree with me, but this sounds like yet another way to get money out of the “self-help” crowd, without actually helping them.

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