Steve Jobs' Salary: $1 And A Gulfstream Jet

from the not-bad dept

Steve Jobs only received $1 in salary this past year, but he also got his hands on a $43.5 million Gulfstream V jet and $40.5 million to pay for the taxes associated with the jet… so I wouldn’t feel too bad for him. He didn’t get any stock options this year, though I’m sure he’s got plenty stored away for a rainy day. If anyone wanted to give me a Gulfstream V in lieu of salary, I think I could handle that.

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Comments on “Steve Jobs' Salary: $1 And A Gulfstream Jet”

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alternatives() says:

you may be wrong about Steve's stock ownership.

The buyout of NeXT got Steve a nice hunk of Apple stock.


1) The last time Steve had a pile of Apple stock and he got canned by Scully, he sold all but one share.
2) 6 months after the NeXT buyout, some 11 million (??? from memory??) shares were being sold off by an ‘insider’. (See the SEC filings) The sepculation was it was Steve, but I never saw followup confirming it. This happened when the share price was about $11. It went up to the $50 range in less than a year.

So it is quite possible that Jobs only owns one share of Apple stock. Remember: Jobs is also the man in charge at Pixar (the old ILM) and he issued a memo to Pixar staff letting them know that Pixar is important, and Apple is a part time job.

eeeeeeeeeeegad ! says:

Re: Re: you may be wrong about Steve's stock ownership

no salary for CEOs is a childish mind game
only an idiot would fall that marketing
the salary is like the $1 contriobution on your tax return,,,,its piss in the grand scheme, so just lose the $1, and look good in the process. actually, you dotn get chanrged the dollar on the 1040, but you get the point, you nitpicking fucker

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