Staying In Touch After The Layoff

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A NY Times article about mailing lists people create to stay in touch with former colleagues at companies following layoffs. A lot of people use those lists to vent, or to find out info about benefits and severance – and also as a way to help them find new jobs. Most people seem to find that the lists die out after a little while as people move on with their lives. The article lists a few companies that have had ex-employees put together alumni lists. The one that’s most intriguing to me is one for ex-teammates from the Toronto Blue Jays. I know that the Blue Jays last year gave all of their players Blackberry pagers to stay in touch, but I didn’t realize they had a Yahoo Group as well. Somehow I just find it amusing to think of all these baseball players bitching and moaning about how the Blue Jays used to treat them and asking for job advice on where to work next…

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Comments on “Staying In Touch After The Layoff”

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Spaz says:

I stay in touch w/ my boss and former buds. I was part of a layoff/RIF and it sucked, I go to church w/ my ex-Boss and he got to drop the hammer, no biggy …we cool. We go out to lunch and talk work, my new job and his current, stuff happenings. We are still friends even after him picking me as the new RIF canidate. I play online games w/ other guys and say hi and such. Being fired is another story. As for lists? I would not do it on a public medium as it could be sepena’ed(sp) and have employees taken to court. Such as “you are laid off, no stock options and we are now sueing(sp) you”.

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