Tech Companies Are Bad At Building A Brand

from the there's-a-difference-between-brand-awareness-and-branding dept

Here’s an article that makes a really good point that so many tech companies ignored (and continue to ignore). There’s a huge difference between building a brand and building brand awareness. While most tech companies spent the last few years throwing money all over the place to get their brand out there – all they did was build brand awareness. People would recognize their name – but not necessarily associate positive thoughts with the name (as a good brand should). The article also points out that both Bill Gates and Larry Ellison are considered to be at the top of lists saying which executives helped and harmed their brand. If they did both, shouldn’t that cancel each other out? If you do one thing to help your brand, and another to hurt it, how could you possibly get onto either list? The lists should be for net harm or net gain on building a brand… but of course, that would mean that some sort of scientific method was used, instead of making all of this up.

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