Terrorists Hidden Inside Microsoft

from the it-sounds-like-a-good-story dept

Apparently, a suspected terrorist has said that members of the Al Qaeda network have infiltrated Microsoft and planted bugs and trojan horses within Windows XP. Chances are that this is completely ridiculous, but it adds an element of reverse FUD to anyone looking to buy a Windows machine. Of course, the guy seems to have confessed to a number of unsubstantiated terrorist plans, and it’s unclear how much is based in reality and how much is wishful thinking.

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Comments on “Terrorists Hidden Inside Microsoft”

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Ed says:

Re: The reverse?

I seriously doubt that either have happened.

But despite the fact that I have doubts in these particular cases, it does make me wonder whether there have ever been any cases of industrial sabotage by purposefully introducing bugs into a competitor’s (or enemy’s) software. I think there has been a case or two of disgruntled employees leaving logic bombs in their soon-to-be-former employer’s code, but I can’t recall any example where someone infiltrated a company or open-source project specifically to sabotage it. Anyone?

Noah Zark says:

It would be too easy...

It would be too easy to take credit for MicroSoft’s poor security. This guy is probably just a publicty junkie.

However, as an X-File fan, I would suspect that Gates, MicroSoft, et al are in league with the aliens who are trying to destroy personkind. I can’t believe that such a prominent company that employs so many “professionals” would publish the leaky stuff that they do.

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