Paypal Really Going Public?

from the calling-their-bluff dept

When Paypal first filed to go public, many people thought it was a bluff. They were simply trying to attract interest from a company who would acquire them instead. However, it seems that their bluff has been called and they might actually go public. It will be very interesting to see how well it does, as they’ll be the first real “internet” company to go public in a very long time. If it takes off, it could mean that others (Google) will try to head out as well, and that could make the internet world a little more comfortable again. Of course, that doesn’t mean Paypal is a company worth buying into, but it will be a leading indicator, and I imagine a number of venture capitalists, investment bankers, and others who hold loads of private dot com equity are holding their collective breath to see what happens.

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Comments on “Paypal Really Going Public?”

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Anonymous Coward says:

paypal's bad rep....

paypal needs to clean house a little before they IPO.

There is an ever growing group of people who have been screwed by paypal (or by those who were able to take advantage of them using paypal) and it is *very* important to remember that paypal is *not* a bank or a credit agency, which gives the paypal consumer very little protection.

In particular, paypal needs to improve their relationship with those that use it as a business. That’s job #1 if they ever plan on displacing the credit bureaus and bank accounts they currently depend upon to refresh the accounts from which they skim on transactions and make interest from.

Beyond that, I’d only be interested in their stock as an acquistion target for Verisign or one of the less clueful credit bureaus who haven’t been successful in spinning up their own service.

sb says:

Re: paypal's bad rep....

clearly you got scammed by some ebay seller. your gullibility isnt paypals fault. paypal paid someone that YOU TOLD THEM TO. its nobodys fault but YOURS. did the other party get the money? yes? then paypal did held up their end 100% and earned their 2% fee.

PS: wake up, newbie, they couldnt care less about relationships, and cleaning house, and acquisions. ipo = cash out. dump every share you can to sucker buyers. money created out of thin air. thats the name of the game in the go go fake stock bubble era.

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