Time For A War Bubble?

from the militarydirt.com? dept

Following the events of September 11, it seems that more and more people in the tech industry and industries around it are seeing new opportunities in the defense industry. I’ve had talks with a few people who are looking at starting up startups that are focused on the defense industry, and others who have asked whether Techdirt Corporate Intelligence can be used for companies working on defense-related projects. It seems the investment bankers aren’t immune to this shift in focus either. As they’ve been struggling to find something (anything!) to take public, some of their attention is focusing in on IPOs for defense contractors. The article points out that even shakey financials aren’t stopping some of these companies from going public. Perhaps we’re looking at the beginnings of a “war bubble” (though, I would hope that investors are still jittery enough from the internet bubble to just jump right in on questionable offerings).

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