Google Strikes Back

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Just a few months ago, every news source seemed to feel the need to tell everyone about how there a bunch of new search engines that were going to take on Google. In many cases, it appeared that they were slowly but surely catching up to Googles numbers in terms of pages indexed. Of course, Google isn’t one to sit still. They just announced that they’re now up to 3 billion pages indexed, and they’re refreshing the index much more regularly – especially when it comes to breaking news stories. More exciting for some, though, is the fact that they now have usenet archives online all the way back to 1981. It certainly doesn’t look like Google is planning on giving up to these competitors without a bit of a fight.

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Comments on “Google Strikes Back”

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Ed says:

Re: Re: Frogs

Surely someday someone will come out with something that will leapfrog Google. There are all kinds of obvious possibilities, like more powerful search terms (x NEAR y), classifying images by image content, natural language input, better excerpting of content for display on the results screen, better integration of human-maintained sources (yahoo-like directories) and spidered content, and so on. But what will undoubtedly take the crown someday will be what we aren’t anticipating.

On a different note, regarding the Usenet archive, I’m not terribly embarrassed by anything I’ve ever posted (going back to 1989), but 90% of what I posted to Usenet was a reply to something, often correcting something I felt was wrong, and when Google displays search results it doesn’t distinguish between quoted text and original text, so 90% of the time my name shows up attached to a statement I completely disagree with. I hope that anybody screening employees and such comes to realize that.

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