Microsoft Bribing Users To Use Passport

from the it's-nice-to-have-cash dept

It must be nice to have $36 billion in cash. Are people expressing skepticism about signing up for your big-brotherish e-wallet/identity tracking system? Bribe ’em! That, at least, seems to be Microsoft’s plan. Despite many pleas from XP’s startup, it seems that not enough people are signing up for or using their “Passport” system. So, now, if you buy $100 worth of stuff through Passport, Microsoft will give you $20. Another $100 spent? Another $20. You can do that up to a total of $100 (so $500 spent). I wonder if you can do that loophole that screwed Microsoft a couple years ago when you could get a $400 discount if you signed up for 2 years of MSN – but in some places you could immediately cancel the MSN.

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