Broadband Adoption Slowing

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It appears that the adoption rate of broadband services has been slowing every quarter for the past two years. Hmm. I wonder why? Perhaps it’s because nearly every provider of broadband service has gone, or is going out of business? That can’t do wonders for your marketing campaign. “Sign up for broadband service, and we’ll try to keep the network turned on for as long as possible.” If I had known, a year ago, that I would spend every other month in 2001 getting kicked off a broadband network, I probably wouldn’t have signed up at all either.

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Comments on “Broadband Adoption Slowing”

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1 Comment
Ed says:


Pop quiz time.

Q. If the number of broadband subscribers increased by 14.9% in Q2 and 14.2% in Q3 (these numbers are from the article), in which quarter were there more new subscribers?

A. There was a larger increase in Q3, even though expressing the numbers in terms of percentages suggest otherwise. Beware of periodic data expressed as a percent change, especially when the percentage is large, because it changes the basis for the next period. (If your portfolio goes up 100% in one year and falls 60% the next year, you lose!)

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