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Arthur writes “Time has the scoop about Ginger, IT or SegWay, Kamen’s invention that caused a buzz on the Internet. No need to watch GMA tomorrow.” It is, as expected, a scooter. However, it still sounds pretty cool. Apparently you can not fall over while using it. That sounds like a challenge to me… I’ll probably still watch GMA tomorrow to see what it looks like. Apparently, the US Post Office is going to try using them instead of mail trucks. will test them in their warehouses. It may not replace the car (as some had suggested) but it could change the way people get around in crowded metropolitan areas (though, not at the current price of $3,000 a pop). Update: Okay, okay, videos available here. It appears (not surprisingly) that the site is getting hit pretty hard, so it might be slow going getting the videos right now.

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Kevin Joyce says:

Not replacing mail trucks.

In urban areas mailmen get a cart and walk around. In old suburbs the mailboxes are on the porches and the mailman has to walk to each one after parking his truck on the street. This will definately increase efficiency on those kind of routes. If it does as promised and is as easy off and on as it seems it might actually be worth the $8,000. It stands up on its own and offers a very quick mount and dismount.

The cookie cutter suburbs will still have a mailman in a mail truck that just puts the mail in from his truck.

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