What Should The Government Do About Broadband

from the keep-it-in-business? dept

My troubles with broadband providers have been chronicled here before, but maybe I should go have a chat with the US government. They’re trying to figure out what to do about the broadband mess they’ve created – or so many companies would like you to believe. The link goes to a very interesting article at Fortune that talks about how tech companies and the Baby Bells are teaming up to convince the US Government to do something about broadband access. No one seems quite sure how broadband got so screwed up in the first place (though, the do like blaming the government), and no one seems really clear on how to fix it (though, again, they do like pinning it on the government). All I know is that I’m just sitting around waiting for AT&T@Home to shut off, adding to my experiences being kicked off of various other broadband networks as well. I am the broadband Bermuda triangle. Maybe the Government should just kick me out of the country and our broadband problems would be solved. I can go ruin broadband around the world.

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