Killer Device?

from the Hey-there's-a-pda-in-my-phone,-or-is-it-a-phone-in-my-pda? dept

Part of what’s missing for GPRS to take off is a killer device. Handspring may have the answer with the Treo. Of course, the device is just one-third of the solution. We still need great apps and good network performance. Handspring is working on a push email solution, which should be the first killer app. Until we get 3G (don’t hold your breath), it’s all about messaging.

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Comments on “Killer Device?”

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Spaz says:

no true killer app

I dont believe it will be a killer app that will do it, I believe the only *real* decent system will be video conferencing, although there should be some type of easy/cheap solution in the homes first. Scary thought of cell-videophone and the porn industry but whatever, it will be a while and until I can get voice rec. email on my phone, it is only good for recieving. There never has nor will be one ‘killer’ anything. Maybe the tv comes close 😉

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