Cable Users In The Dark

from the not-what-I-wanted-to-read dept

Now that I finally got set up on a cable modem, I don’t like to see stories like the following one, about how screwed up the cable broadband industry is. It’s even scarier that most of the article focuses on both AT&T Broadband and Excite@Home, who are the providers of my cable service. It makes it even worse to then see them compare the current situation to what happened with Northpoint, the DSL provider I used to have before they suddenly went out of business and shut off their network with 24-hours notice – leaving me without broadband. It’s true, as the article says, that AT&T is telling people they have “contingency plans” (those were the exact words the AT&T Broadband person told me). It’s also true (as the article says again) that Northpoint said the same thing (because I had asked them also). Apparently, “contingency plans” mean “don’t ask that – we don’t want to talk about that”, because AT&T refuses to detail exactly what those contingency plans are.

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