Top Ten Internet Scams

from the the-Nigerian-scam-won't-go-away dept

MSNBC has the top ten internet scams and the “fastest growing” scam is the famous Nigerian money scam. It’s a bit scary that this one is growing, since it’s been around for ever, and I’m always surprised when people haven’t heard of it – much less fall for it. However, the report says that nearly 10% of those who receive the Nigerian money email respond to it. I guess we’re beginning to get an idea of just how much of the population is insanely gullible. Most of the other scams on the list are no big surprise. Number 1, taking up the majority of the scams by far, is online auction scams.

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Comments on “Top Ten Internet Scams”

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mhh5 says:

how about this...

I think this proves that there’s a market for Scam-checker software. Like a Virus-protection program, it will read through your email and tell you if you have any potential online scam offers…. I’m pretty sure if there are people gullible enough to fall for scams, there are people gullible enough to buy software to help them avoid scams….

kai says:

Re: how about this...

Actually, that’s an interesting (and probably easily-done) idea. I think it’s more like a spam filter (reads through your email and discards things with certain combinations of words). Maybe it just discards things like $XXX,XXX,XXX from it. Do the large web-based mail services already remove scams? (they supposedly remove spams, but it only works maybe 50% of the time)

Phillip says:

Re: Already for sale

I already have one of these for sale. Send me $50 and I will send you a CD with the software that not only stops all scams, it has many ESSENTIAL features that you cannot LIVE WITHOUT. Been in debt? Click on the “clear credit rating” icon. The search function allows you to check online databases that EXIST BUT NO-ONE KNOWS ABOUT giving you credit and medical details about your potential loved ones or your rivals. Because we create the anti-scam software we know the HIDDEN SECRETS how to get around it… the software can email your own scams to 20m people without getting filtered. That’s right, 20m people for just $50. Please send payment in Beenz to del_trotter@hotmail.con.


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