Bye Bye Blodget

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Henry “Amazon 400” Blodget deserves some credit for hyping up the internet bubble to the amazing heights that it reached. I’m sure that if he didn’t do it, someone else would have, but he certainly made a name for himself telling everyone to buy many companies that are now very much out of business. Did he get fired for this? Of course not. Instead, he’s taking a $2 million buyout from Merrill Lynch. Chances are he’ll end up somewhere else soon hyping up something else. Whatever happened to accountability?

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Comments on “Bye Bye Blodget”

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1 Comment
sb (user link) says:

No Subject Given

2 mill is nothing. He took in TONS more when he WENT to Merril. Poor stupid Merril. Even Poorer stupider customers of merril, who are really the ones footing the bill for foolish bullshit like hiring clowns like this. Its all PR, its all a sham.,, and its all leeching off the hardworkers of the world.

Within two months, he had hopped from CIBC Oppenheimer Corp. (so named after Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce bought Oppenheimer in 1997 to gain a beachhead in U.S. investment banking) to top-drawer bank Merrill Lynch, lured by the promise of both reputation and riches.

And there’s that $4 million again.

He won’t confirm that figure, but it’s widely believed to be what Merrill had to pay Blodget to lure him from Oppenheimer, and Wall Street headhunters say it’s probably accurate

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