The Second Time Around

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It’s tough for entrepreneurs to have a successful second act. takes a look at Ted Waitt and Steve Jobs, who have both returned to the companies they founded (Gateway and Apple, for those of you not paying attention) after some period of time away. So far, the article claims, Jobs is doing a better job. That’s probably true, but it’s not exactly an apples to apples comparison. The two companies are very different and have very different issues to deal with. Also, Jobs was away for much longer, and has also been back for much longer. Actually, I think he’s been back since well before Waitt even went away from Gateway. Not that I have any idea if Ted Waitt is suddenly going to reinvent Gateway, but I don’t think it makes any sense to compare the two right now.

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Comments on “The Second Time Around”

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1 Comment
alternatives() says:

At least this time he's bathing and not putting hi

The ‘Jobs of olde’ was known for putting his feet in the toilet and flushing (a mini jacuuzi, as he called it) and when he was on his fruit-only diet, he didn’t bathe.

He still has the idea that ‘his idea is the best’ way of thinking, and that will get Apple into trouble. (the NeXT cube, ala powerCube)

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