Nokia Blowing Past Palm and Compaq

from the two-for-the-price-of-a-bit-more-than-one dept

According to an analysis of Q3 PDA/Smartphone sales in Western Europe, Nokia outsold Palm and Compaq. I think the results are primarily due to the fact that Nokia launched its much anticipated 9210 Communicator against relativley older offerings from the competiton. But, it could indicate that in countries with high mobile phone adoption and SMS traffic, users want an integrated device with voice, data, and PDA features. If we’re heading to a day that PDA’s without wireless functionaliy seem obsolete, will that change who we’ll buy our PDA’s from? Will players like Palm and Microsoft be able to compete with the Nokia’s and Ericssons? Certainly MS will be able to, but I’m not so sure about Palm.

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