It's A Different World For VCs

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At this year’s NDA event held by Red Herring, there was a lot more reflective “looking back” on things rather than the usual “go-go” look only forward mentality found there in years past. The best quote was someone pointing out that the whole “first mover advantage” concept was a little silly: “a bad decision made in three days is still a bad decision”. However, some of the venture capitalists still say now is a great time to be investing, since you can get so much for so little. Venture capital investing has certainly changed, though. Even keiretsu is a bad word these days.

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Comments on “It's A Different World For VCs”

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Old Man Harris says:

No Subject Given

Mike – glad you posted this. The author is right on. As a side note, I really think that encouraging startups to work together in any meaningful capacity is marginally helpful at best and potentially damaging at its worst (to be fair, the Kleiner Kieretsu does include both startups and established companies). By definition, startups are entities struggling for their very existence. While it may be contrary to the values taught in kindergarten, I’ve generally seen that when you encourage two or more startups to cooperate with each other you usually end up with a god-awful magnification of their problems rather than any truly meaningful benefits from working together. To survive, startups need to latch on to bigger established companies – as partners, suppliers and most importantly customers. So my message to all those startups out there is STAY AWAY FROM ALL THOSE DAMN STARTUPS! As the old saying goes, never sleep with someone who has problems worse than your own!

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