IndyMedia And CNN Fight

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There’s an interesting little war going on between IndyMedia and CNN. IndyMedia was the site that incorrectly stated that the videos shown on CNN of Palestinians celebrating the Sept 11 attack was actually from ten years ago. This was proven to be false, but CNN was not too pleased with the allegations. Some time after that it became impossible to mention IndyMedia in a CNN chat room. It just doesn’t show up. CNN says it’s because IndyMedia supporters were spamming the chat rooms. It does seem a bit odd that anything mentioning IndyMedia would be completely blocked. Update: CNN parent AOL is also into the censoring business this week. They’ve apparently decided that Bruce Springsteen lyrics are too offensive for some discussion group they have online.

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Comments on “IndyMedia And CNN Fight”

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Phillip says:

I'll certainly never trust IndyMedia again

Ok, I know IndyMedia are a bit ad hoc but I will certainly never go to their site for news again. That Sept 11th Palestine incident totally destroyed any faith I had in them and any trust I will have in them again. I was shocked when I read it, and immediately contacted the BBC for confirmation. After I found the CNN footage corrobarated by several independant sources my displeasure turned on IndyMedia. Trust is a fragile thing. They certainly lost mine.


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