How To Enforce DWY

from the silly-laws dept

Later this month I’ll be in NY for a bit and I’ve already dug out the (rarely used) earpiece for my cell phone, so that I’ll be able to use it in a car. As of today, it’s illegal in all of NY state to drive while yakking (DWY) on a cell phone. Of course, most people are unsure how the police are going to enforce the law. There is an amusing quote from a guy who refuses to use a headset because they make you “look like a total loony who is babbling to yourself or the aliens from planet Zotz”. Ah, New York. Also, at the end of the article, though, the guy who wrote the law says he’s thinking about taking on “other” driving distractions. Maybe this guy should ban driving altogether. That’s the only way he’ll stop car accidents from happening. The fact is that when you drive there are a ton of things that can distract you. People should get in trouble for reckless driving, not for talking.

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