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What Do Broadband Users Want?

from the games,-music dept

With all this talk about how broadband connections could jumpstart the technology industry, wouldn’t it be interesting to know what people who have broadband actually do with it? Now that broadband connections aren’t just for the super-geeky, and are starting to hit the mainstream, some companies decided to do some research on just what that high speed access means for most people. First off, they spend more time online (so if you thought broadband users used their fast access to get stuff done more quickly and then stayed away, you’d be wrong). They also spend more time on non-web related activities such as email and instant messaging. However, it appears that the majority of the increase went into two areas: downloading music and playing games. Sounds like more of a jumpstart for the media industry than the tech industry.

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Comments on “What Do Broadband Users Want?”

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Aaron says:

Stuff done on broadband

Actually, what I do with broadband is to update my files regularly, which was quite difficult to do with narrowband. For example, to update my virus definition files, which was 2mb, I used to need 10 minutes or more. Now, I only need a few seconds. That is one of the most important changes to me in the transition to broadband.

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