Does XP Matter To The Linux Faithful?

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Many in the Linux world are claiming that the launch of Windows XP has no effect on them whatsoever. Yet, a Red Hat representative still felt the need to send Wired a two page letter that explained why Microsoft and XP were evil and should be boycotted. Seems like some people are taking it a little more personally than others. I also find it funny that another Red Hat person said he doesn’t understand why anyone decides to use Microsoft. The fact is, of all the operating systems out there, there are good reasons to chose just about any of them. Anyone who says they don’t understand why anyone would ever chose a different operating system is either lying or clueless. For some people, Linux is perfect. For others MacOS X (or otherwise) is perfect. For some, Windows is perfect (well, maybe not perfect…). OS wars are silly wastes of time. As I’ve said before, use what works for you, and stop bothering other people if they don’t agree with you.

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