The End Of Fixed Wireless?

from the who-offers-it-any-more? dept

People have been talking about fixed wireless for a while as an alternative to DSL or cable. In fact, I tried to order fixed wireless for myself a few weeks ago… but that was two days after Sprint decided they were getting out of the business (though, they hadn’t made the official announcement). Now, AT&T is getting out of the fixed wireless business too. Is there any way to get broadband any more? All the DSL companies (and now Excite@Home) died in part because the phone companies (or cable companies) wanted the business themselves. Now, those same phone companies can’t even support a technology that requires less installation work. I am doomed never to get broadband access. Of course, now Jupiter is saying that broadband isn’t dead. Consumers still want it (of course) so someone needs to figure out how to do so profitably.

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