Tech Salaries Stagnating… Or Dropping

from the not-a-surprise dept

This isn’t a surprise to most people I know looking for jobs, but tech salaries haven’t been rising in the past year, and in some areas they’re dropping. Of course, this follows a few years of salary inflation where people were making ridiculous sums because companies had too much money and couldn’t hire enough people. Also, people who still have tech jobs seem pretty thrilled to actually have a job that pays any money these days…

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Comments on “Tech Salaries Stagnating… Or Dropping”

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Scott says:

Re: reliability?

I am a recruiter in the Sothern California area specializing in application software developers. Our company also handles the Silicon Valley and Northern California. Salaries have actually rolled back about 10 to 15 percent under last years salaries. This is based on actual offers made to software engineers in senior roles by companies who are hiring. If someone made 103K last year they can likely expect offer of 90K.

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