PR Double Whammy

from the sucks-to-be-in-PR dept

I’m often hard on PR companies, because I think often they’re into hyping things without having any idea what they’re doing. However, I realize that sometimes it’s necessary, and certainly some PR folks do a good job. Now that the tech downturn has hit, it’s hurting PR firms quite a bit. First, they’ve lost a ton of business from the disappearance of dot coms with piles of venture capital money. Surviving companies have all cut back on their PR efforts. Added to that, during the tech boom, it seemed that the internet was a great new medium for PR purposes. However, now they’re realizing that it might not be the savior they thought it was. So, they’re left with less business, tools that aren’t as good or useful as they thought, and they’re still charged with overhyping the next big thing.

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