New Bar Tries To Revolutionize Flirting With Technology

from the legalized-stalking dept

There’s a new bar in NYC that either revolutionizes flirting using technology or is an odd form of legalized stalking. Basically, there are cameras everywhere, and different people can control the cameras to “stalk” people in the bar. If they find someone they’re interested in, they can send them a text message (though, it’s not clear how this is done) and agree to talk by messaging, by phone, or (gasp) actually meet in person. The place is called the “Remote Lounge” and sounds like it will be pretty popular for a month or two until people get sick of it. Either that, or they’ll figure out the sneaky trick that cameras play. According to one patron, since everything is in black and white, “it makes people look a lot better than they do in person, masking their flaws and making them look more attractive”. How could you pass that up?

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