New Apple Device Better Be Cool

from the crying-wolf? dept

On Wednesday Apple said that next week they’re going to announce some wonderful new non-Mac device, and that started the rumor mills running. Everyone is trying to guess what it is, and some of those guess sound pretty cool. So, does Apple run the risk of disappointing fans when the actual device is no where near as cool as what the fans dreamed up? Apple (and, particularly, Steve Jobs) loves to make “surprise” announcements that build up buzz and get everyone excited. However, in doing so, they run the risk of building up too much buzz for a product that isn’t necessarily buzz-worthy – and that could alienate customers. Of course, I don’t think anything could alienate the MacFaithful, who seem to believe anything that Steve Jobs likes is worthy of being revered as the greatest thing ever.

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Comments on “New Apple Device Better Be Cool”

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msykes says:

No Subject Given

I have to agree, all the buzz can be dangerous. Apple found this out the hard way at MacWorld in July where they basically announced nothing new, and everyone felt really dissappointed and annoyed, mostly because they had believed all the new product rumors. Personally I’m praying for an Apple branded TiVo type device (which Apple really needs to get to work on if this isn’t it), but a fancy MP3 player with Ethernet, Firewire, Wireless and CDR capabilities would be cool too. I *am* going to be dissappointed when it’s just an MP3 player with an apple logo on it though.


fistula says:


“Of course, I don’t think anything could alienate the MacFaithful, who seem to believe anything that Steve Jobs likes is worthy of being revered as the greatest thing ever.”

Most opinionated platform drivel I see is delivered through the press and online, by ignorant and formulaic (would-be?) columnists whose journalistic skills usually climax at copying press releases verbatim, parroting other articles and bullshitting the rest.

alternatives says:

Apple had a 'settop' box

I want to say pippen.

Jobs ‘opposition’ to the Newton when like this:

Apple makes Computers. Computers have keyboards. Newton does not have keyboard. Why is Apple making this? (Apple developers conference, 1996. Totally ignored X0044 – newton keyboard)

If this ‘thing’ doesn’t have a keyboard…why is apple making it?

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