The McMaster Rotary Engine

from the eccentric-inventors-and-their-toys dept

Remember all the hype last January about “Ginger” or “IT” and it’s eccentric inventor, Dean Kamen. For a couple of weeks everyone had fun discussing the possibilities. Well, here’s another eccentric inventor and his odd transportation related inventions. Harold McMaster has been working on a funky new type of rotary engine for many many years. He finally has a working prototype. True believers say he is an absolute genius. Naysayers say they’ve seen it all before, and they find it hard to believe the engine will be able to do everything McMaster says it will. Among the cooler claims, is that the engine will run on solar power and water (though, it can also be made to work with other fuels), and it gets rid of the need for the transmission, the drivetrain, and the exhaust system. It certainly sounds pretty cool. Of course, it’s quite a ways away from any sort of commercial viability. Of course, by then, we’ll all be riding around on our Ginger scooters anyway…

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